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Setting the Christmas Mood

November 30, 2021

Tomorrow is the 1st of December, when I look out of my window I see Christmas lights, lots of snow and I'm in a nearly-perfect Christmas mood already.

I love Christmas and enjoy this time of the year a lot. So, here's a couple of things that make me enjoy this season even more and get the most out of my Christmas mood.


I really like the Spotify playlist: Indie Christmas. But just searching for the term "Indie Christmas" yields a whole treasure trove of albums and playlists that get you in the Christmas mood.

Spotify playlist: Indie Christmas

Advent of Code

I only learned about this last year but Advent of Code immediately made its way into that area where my "Christmas nostalgia" sits. I have the fondest memories of last year's December nights and mornings, listening to the above playlists and solving coding puzzles.

Advent of Code

Tomorrow morning, 6:00 AM the first puzzle will be online and I will get up early for this first one. The rest of them I will probably save for comfy evenings and weekends.

Christmas Calendar

Every year I try to resist the temptation ... and fail. I simply have to get the LEGO Star Wars Christmas calendar.

LEGO Star Wars Christmas calendar

It's getting really crowded on my LEGO minifigures terrace by now.


Embarrassingly, I own a Christmas sweater for almost every day of the week now. This is why I will put them on rotation and wear one every day until Christmas; or maybe for the whole of December even.

These are my favorites:

  • Star Wars

Star Wars Christmas Sweater

  • Windows 95

Windows 95 Christmas Sweater


This is my absolute favorite Christmas movie and I can honestly say that I've been watching this one every Christmas for at least 15 years now. It's definitely among my most-watched movies. My kids love it too already.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: picture taken from IMDB

Cheesy, I know. But you have to love this movie for its cast alone and it contains one of the greatest dialogs in movie history.

Love Actually: picture taken from IMDB

This is just fun to watch with kids and the (frankly) atrocities that little Kevin commits crack us up every time.

Home Alone: picture taken from IMDB

Will Ferrel as a Christma elf - do I need to say more? Hilarious!

Elf: picture taken from IMDB

In my book, this is a Christmas movie and I have deep nostalgic feelings for this one. I love everything about it and will definitely watch it again with my older kid this year.

Gremlins: picture taken from IMDB

"It's not christmas until Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi Plaza"

Sorry, this discussion has been settled #diehardisachristmasmovie

Die Hard: picture taken from IMDB