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YALMT - Yet Another LEGO Minifigures Terrace

March 31, 2022

Recently, I turned 42 and since this number carries a special significance among us nerds, I decided it was the right occasion for a special gift to myself.

Asking myself the all-important question:

"How many LEGO minifigure terraces does a man need?"

I figured "2" would be the appropriate answer (at this given point in time) and I decided to repeat the LEGO build I had blogged about 7 years ago.

Fortunately, I had planned and documented this build meticulously and I still had the parts list as well as the building instructions.

So I went to the LEGO website ordered the parts and just in time for my birthday, the parts arrived.

The terrace parts

Impressions of the Build

Getting started.

The terrace at an early stage

Halfway through the build.

The terrace half-finished

A view from the back.

A view from the back

All done - cheers!

2 LEGO minifigures clinking cups

These are the two terraces side by side. There's enough space again for the minifigures on the left to scoot over to the new one.

The two terraces side by side

I might need to order and build a third terrace soon, though 😆.

Both terraces are already full