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3D Printing a Game Boy Battery Cover Replacement

July 7, 2022

Recently, I wrote about how to repair a broken Game Boy display. Admittedly, this "repair project" is much more trivial but then - it does not happen too often that I can 3D print something actually useful. So, as usual, I had to write a quick blog post about it.

The Problem

We have this well-preserved Game Boy Advance at home, which me and my kids use from time to time to do some retro-gaming.

Game Boy Advance

Unfortunately, the battery cover got lost years ago.

Game Boy Advance - missing its battery cover

Usually, this is not a big problem - but recently when my kid was playing a bit too excitedly, the batteries fell out mid-game. You'll agree that this is unacceptable, so I went looking for a fix.

The Fix

Luckily, there's Thingiverse which has a solution for every problem (that's solvable with 3D printing).

Of course, someone had already designed such a battery cover replacement.

I only had to download it ...

The battery cover 3D printing model

... print it, problem solved.

The fixed Game Boy Advance