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Blog Statistics

For my 10 Years of Blogging blog post, I compiled a couple of graphs and statistics - mostly manually. While doing that, I already decided that these statistics should be available permanently and in an up-to-date version. So I looked into the Google Charting Library and created this page for those stats.

Total Blog Posts

The total number of blog posts so far.

Blog Posts per Year

How many blog posts did I write each year?

Blog Posts per Month

Which is my most productive month when it comes to blogging?

Blog Posts for every Month

Let's look at the number of blog posts in all individual months since 2011.

Categories (aka Tags)

These are the different tags with which I marked my blog posts.

That's quite a variety ...

Top 10 Tags

These are the 10 most frequently used tags throughout all my blog posts.

Top 10 Tags (last 5 years)

These are the 10 most frequently used tags in the last 5 years.