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How to Reset a Sonoff/Tasmota Smart Plug

May 16, 2021

I recently needed to change the Wifi password for a Sonoff smart plug running the Tasmota firmware (which I had flashed on previously).

The Wifi data (SSID, password) can be set during flashing but I did not want to through that whole process again.

A Sonoff smart plug

The internet is full of useless and contradicting (long press, 4-presses, ...) information about how to reset a Tasmota-flashed Sonoff smart plug, so I wrote down what worked for me.

The reason for all that contradicting statements is probably that this has changed with version 8.3.0 (see here) and 6 short presses are required to reset the device since then.

Note: Since version 8.3.0 a reset requires 6 short presses.

From there on it's straight-forward:

  • The Sonoff device opens a network with an SSID starting with tasmota_.

Sonoff opens a new network

  • Joining that network, the SSID and password for the actual Wifi network can be configured.

Configuration the Sonoff/Tasmota device

  • Done.

Configuration saved