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Look Mum, I'm on the Radio!

March 7, 2018

... or rather "listen Mum ..." - but anyway: two days ago I had the great pleasure of being guest on a radio show for the first time.

My coworker J├╝rgen regularly hosts the show updateFM, in which he and his guests discuss topics and trends around the internet, social media, mobile apps ...

This time the topic was DIY and he invited Michael Aufreiter and yours truly to the discussion. Michael is an entrepreneur and founder who examined the term DIY from a founder's perspective and I represented the more classical definition and aspect of "making and tinkering".

What we ended up doing was talking about a lot of things (open source software development mainly) but it was an hour of interesting and entertaining conversation (and also great music).

So, if you want to listen in, here's a link to the show.

Disclaimer: the show is in German (well ... Austrian).

Link to show