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Using Emoji in Windows 10

September 18, 2015

Let’s face it: Emoji are here to stay. But hey, they’re awesome, right?

Whenever I Tweet, text someone or do Facebook status updates and comments, I try to use as many Emoji as possible or even better: use just Emoji.

However, this usually means I am using my smartphone or tablet, because on my Desktop PC ….
I cannot use Emoji ...
…or can I?
You bet I can …

… and here is how:

  1. Make sure the Windows software keyboard button is active.
    If it’s not, right click the Windows taskbar and activate it.
    show touch keyboard
    There it is now. Just click on the symbol:
    system tray

  2. The software keyboard shows up:
    soft keyboard
    Click the Smiley symbol to change to Emoji Mode.

  3. There you are.
    soft keyboard emoji
    Now go crazy

But wait! I cannot find the “xyz” Emoji!!

So, if you need a certain Emoji that is not present on this keyboard, here’s a neat workaround:

  1. Browse to the website http://getemoji.com/
  2. Locate the Emoji you want. Copy it.
  3. Paste it. Done!