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A Web API for Star Wars Quotes!

August 19, 2019

Undoubtedly, we're living in glorious times when it comes to the availability of free services and APIs for basically anything. So it didn't come as a great surprise to me that - as I went looking for a Star Wars Quotes Web API - I immediately hit paydirt.

http://swquotesapi.digitaljedi.dk has you covered!

A simple GET request to this endpoint will return a JSON response with a random star wars quote.

curl -X GET "http://swquotesapi.digitaljedi.dk/api/SWQuote/RandomStarWarsQuote" -H "accept: text/plain"
    "starWarsQuote":"Never tell me the odds! — Han Solo",

In combination with the services provided by giphy, this quote API made for a nice new widget on my home dashboard project dashydash.

Yoda quote

May the force be with you!