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Snips - A Collection of Useful Commands and Tools

November 28, 2023

In a way, this Tweet (actually, what do we call these now on X?) of the great Scott Hanselman inspired me to add the snips section to this very website. This happened more than a year ago as a kind of experiment, but I regularly find myself looking that section up, so I decided to actually keep it (even though this is probably 100% for myself) and blog about it.

Why Snips?

I chose the name "snips" because it's an Austrian brand of peanut flips and one of my all-time favorite snacks.

Kelly's Snips

In case you haven't tried Snips yet and can get of hold of them now: stop reading; try them; come back; continue reading and thank me later 😆.

Also, it's more fun to say "snips" than "snippets" when referring to these command line one-liners.

Yes, that's basically what snips is all about: A (very opinionated!) collection of (mostly) command line instructions, that I:

  • regularly need
  • but usually cannot remember.

In a way, the snips section of my website is nothing more than a glorified cheat sheet.

If you think, a certain piece of code or CLI command should be included - let me know!