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My New Year's Resolutions - Retrospective and 2021

December 31, 2020

At the beginning of this year, I blogged about my resolutions for 2020. I figured that blogging about my resolutions and doing this retrospective at the end of the year would increase my commitment. Well, it did not quite work out. I guess nothing beats laziness and also 2020 brought some interesting developments of its own.

2020 Retrospective

Let's see how my resolutions went:

Learn the Erlang programming language.

I failed spectacularly at that, there's just no way to sugarcoat this. I quickly lost interest in Erlang, have nothing to show today so this resolution is a definite a "no" 👎.

Become more active in climate protection by using public transport for my commute to work.

January to March I was really staying on course there. E-Scooter and bus were my only means of transportation and this worked surprisingly well for me. Especially the E-Scooter rides were one of my daily highlights. Then things became even easier: COVID-19 happened and I switched to working from home full-time, which is even more environment-friendly. Easy win, but still a "yes" 👍.

So, one resolution was successful, the other was not. I can live with that.

Resolutions for 2021

For the next year, I also have my resolutions ready.

  • Blogging - I noticed that this year I really dropped the ball when it came to blogging. It could come up with all kinds of excuses now (work, COVID, moving houses, ...) but eventually, it comes down to laziness on my end. So this year I want to return to my unwritten principle of creating around two blog posts per month. Hence, on this day in 2021, I want to be able to look back on at least 25 blog posts.

  • Coding - I just finished the Advent of Code 2020 coding puzzles and I quite enjoyed that (see my blog post). Also, I noticed that my coding skills had become a bit rusty this year since this is less and less a part of my daily job routine. Solving such code challenges is like exercising or working out my "coding muscle" and also I really enjoy it. So my goal is to finish all previous Advent of Code events (2015-2019) this year.

Again, I'll set myself a reminder to do another retrospective blog post at the end of next year.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading so far and visiting my blog from time to time, dear follower. I wish you a happy and great new year and really hope that in 2021 things will take a turn for the better, globally.