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Keep that Box of Cables

April 15, 2021

A recurring theme on Tech Twitter are pictures of boxes filled with old cables, power adapters and all kinds of legacy hardware that people throw out. This is usually accompanied by statements about "cleaning out useless stuff" or "getting rid of things they won't ever need agin" ... and I could not disagree more.

Box of cables

Just keep that box of cables, y'all. Every self-respecting tech person should have a least one such box (I have 4 or 5, I guess) of cables and legacy hardware components.

Why keep it?

"Why should I keep this box?", you ask ... well, because you will need some piece in there eventually! Trust me. Last month I installed a PS/2 mouse - I rest my case.

But the rest?

"But what's with the stuff I won't need eventually?" - Maybe you still do, just differently.

I recently tore apart an old USB printer cable because I needed those wire strands.

And even if you don't need or reuse most it after all, what's a small box of cables in your shelf compared to the humongous stack of stack of conference t-shirts in your wardrobe ;-) ?

But ...

"But, does it spark joy?" You bet it does!

Bilbo Baggins holding a charger