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Checking the File Integrity of a Series of Images

August 3, 2017

Recently, I blogged about my Family Dashboard I had created.

This project contains (among others) a module that synchronizes a specific Google Photos album with a local server. The code performing this synchronization had (maybe still has) some issues and I occasionally ended up with corrupted (partially downloaded) images.

Picking these corrupted images out by hand wasn't an option so I asked Google:

Is there a tool to check the file integrity of a series of images?

You bet there is ... Google answered ... and pointed me to jpeginfo.


You can either clone the repo and compile it yourself ...

$ git clone https://github.com/tjko/jpeginfo.git

... or just install it, which is what I did.

apt-get install jpeginfo

Run the check

I does exactly the job I needed it for. Navigate into the directory where the potentially corrupted images are stored and run the tool with the -c (check) option.

$ jpeginfo -c *

BE9CBCA5-40DB-4807-8C04-D40C531BD59C.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  161282  [OK]
BE9F09B2-DFD0-4A83-8953-A4FF1C86FC9D.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  233407  [OK]
C4FB6F90-10C7-456C-8448-7D592D3D810E.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  583064  [OK]
C50E8437-5F8B-44EA-B803-976C26186779.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  232892  [OK]
C6A6DAFB-5B21-48C8-BF7E-E3BD83868AFA.JPG 1280 x 719  24bit Exif  N  197044  [OK]
C78910F8-A1CE-455C-99CF-AD0D618BDA0C.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  383026  [OK]
CA177593-1366-4132-B5FB-C82AAAEC256D.JPG 1280 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  633077  Premature end of JPEG file  [WARNING]
CB05749A-023C-4AEE-9178-0F0552385067.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  161007  [OK]
CDCD0292-854B-49A8-8E6E-79DC3BEC7B63.JPG 1280 x 960  24bit Exif  N  234577  [OK]
D0407323-A757-400B-B14F-47C840D694D7.JPG  960 x 1280 24bit Exif  N  215139  [OK]

A couple of [WARNING] entries appear. These are the corrupted files.

Automatically delete

So let's get rid of them (and assume that synchronization will work next time).

Run the tool again with the "delete all" option (-d -mall).

$ jpeginfo -c -d -mall *

All done. Next time I need this, I can just look up my own blog post.