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DIY IoT Article in windows.developer Magazine - Part 2

June 13, 2019

For the last two issues of windows.developer magazine I wrote an article series about building a custom IoT buttons and sensors, integrating those into web services like ThingSpeak or Azure IoT Hub and visualizing this data.

The articles in windows.developer magazine are written in German, so apologies to my non-German-speaking friends and followers.

The second part of this article series focuses on:

  • Creating a custom IoT sensor that reads temperate and humidity data.
  • Using the Azure IoT SDK for Arduino to publish this data to Azure IoT Hub.
  • Visualizing this data using a custom ASP.NET application.

windows.developer issue on DIY IoT

In case you're interested, here's a short teaser of part 1 of the article series, but even better: grab a copy of windows.developer and check out those articles for yourself.

Also, make sure to check out my other writing in case your are interested.