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Run Home Assistant Actions From Your Apple Watch

February 8, 2024

It's actually quite simple to run specific Home Assistant actions from your Apple Watch. For me, this feature has been quite the game changer and I created all kinds of shortcut routines that I can trigger that way. I use an action e.g. to open my garage door when driving home. With a single tap on my watch, I can have the door opening while I'm still 100 meters or so away. Love it!

Setting up an action like this is fortunately really straight-forward. So let's have a look at the steps required to create a basic "notification action". This will do nothing more than sending a notification to your iPhone but it can serve as a template for more interesting use cases later.

Defining the Action in the iPhone App

Open the iOS Home Assistant app, navigate to Settings and from there to Companion app.

Navigate to Companion app

You will find the item Actions there.

Navigate to Actions

In there, we can add and configure our new Action.

I chose the creative name "Test" and selected an icon and color (both optional, of course).

Creating the new action

If you save now, the newly created action will already be available on your Apple Watch.

The new Action in Apple Watch

Only ... it's not doing anything useful yet. Let's fix that in the next step.

Creating a Home Assistant Automation for the Action

Let's go back into the app again, where we defined our new action. Did you notice the sample Trigger code that was provided here?

Sample trigger code for the action

We can use this as a starting point for our action. Conveniently, the app provides a Share button so we can export this code e.g. via Email.

Let's create a new Home Assistant Automation and switch to the YAML view.

This will give us a new empty automation.

description: ""
mode: single
trigger: []
condition: []
action: []

Into the trigger section we can now paste the code that was generated by the app.

alias: Action - Test Message
description: ""
mode: single
  - platform: event
    event_type: ios.action_fired
      actionID: C1110D98-84FB-4F26-BFF0-DDE5F53FC411
action: []

Note that I removed most of the generated code. The essential information is actionID which uniquely identifies this action when triggered (be careful when duplicating such an automation ⚠️).

If you prefer working with YAML (does anyone 🤔?) you can add your action here, but I'd rather switch back to the visual editor and add it there.

Configure the notification service

And that should be all that's necessary. If you activate the action on your Apple Watch now, you should receive an iOS notification like this.

The "Hello World" iOS notification

Using this simple notification as a template, you can create all kind of cool and useful shortcuts that can be triggered from your Apple Watch.

Let me know what you came up with!