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.NET - My 15 year love affair!

February 13, 2017

Wow! So .NET turned 15 today!

I first read about C# and the .NET Framework in iX, a German technology magazine and was immediately curious.

In fact, this C# issue is the only one I kept around from this time out of sentimental reasons.

C# Cover Story in iX Magazine

The second but first real hands on encounter with .NET happened a short time later at university, where our professor started dedicated project groups for people interested in C# and .NET and handed out Beta1 CDs of Visual Studio.net and the .NET Framework

I searched my drawers because I knew I had kept those CDs somewhere ... and there they were!

Visual Studio.net Beta1

I remember very well how I immediately fell in love with the C# language and the .NET framework. So far all of our programming courses had been in Java and we more or less collectively hated it. C# just felt right to most of us.

For me it is a love affair that has lasted ever since and this love affair has come a long way! Today, I am writing this very blog post in Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu Linux. Then I will publish it on my website that is written in .NET Core and therefore runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux or MacOS. This cross-platform experience is something we would not have dared to dream of just a couple of years ago.

Now, I am looking forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of this love affair.