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Find out the Email Address of a GitHub Pull Request

September 25, 2022

Sometimes you quickly want to find out the email address that is associated with a GitHub pull request. The canonical example here is the scenario where you are contributing to a repository that requires you signing a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) first.

Since most of us have two or even more email addresses in regular use, it can easily happen that one of these addresses was used to sign the CLA, while the actual commits of the pull request were authored using a different email address. This will typically fail a repository's CLA check.

So how do you find out now for an open pull request which email address was used to author the commits? It turns out that there is an easy solution to that:

  • Find the PR in question and open its Commits tab (I will use this pull request as my example from here on).

  • Then click on the commit's hash button to drill into this single commit.

    The Commits tab of a GitHub PR

  • Now, add .patch to the currently open URL in the browser.

  • This opens the commit in patch format which reveals the sought-for email address.

    The commit's email address revealed

  • Done.