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A "Die Hard" Christmas Ornament

December 28, 2021

Just a few days ago I wrote about getting in the mood for Christmas and now Christmas 2021 is as good as over.

I'm still in the Christmas spirit so I'll dedicate one last blog post this year to the most beautiful time of the year (and to the best action/Christmas movie for that matter).

A few days ago I discovered this Die Hard Christmas Ornament of that iconic Die Hard scene where John McClane crawls through the ventilation shaft. I knew I had to make this one myself.

What do you need?

  • The John McLane picture.

Here's the link where I downloaded it from.

John McLane crawling in the ventilation shaft

  • A ventilation shaft. The instructable uses cut sheet metal, but I 3D-printed it (here's the link to the model on Tinkercad) and sprayed it with silver acrylic paint.

Tinkercad model of the ventilation shaft

  • An LED candle. Ideally use a flickering one - this adds a nice touch.

An LED candle

Putting it together

  • Print out the John McClane picture and glue it on some cardboard. Glossy paper would probably look much better but I did not have any at home (that's a possible upgrade for next year).

  • Punch a small hole through the picture where the lighter flame is. This is where the LED will shine through.

  • Disassemble the LED candle.

The disassembled LED candle

I used a 3D-printed throwie (LED and coin cell holder) for that but duct tape is probably fine as well.

Throwie holding the coin cell and the LED

  • Attach the LED to the back of the cardboard so that it can shine through the hole.

  • Put the image into the "ventilation shaft".

Yippie kay yay m .... merry Christmas!

That's it - hang it on the Christmas tree.

The Die Hard ornament on our Christmas tree