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Custom LEGO Minifigures

February 25, 2021

Regular readers of this blog know that there will be the occasional post about LEGO. This is one of those.


I recently discovered the service of minifigs.me. They let you (among other things) design your own LEGO minifigure by printing out their template and sending it back with your own design.

I desperately wanted to try that out so I did what every reasonable adult would do and mentioned minifigs.me casually in the presence of my kids. Lo and behold - this had the desired effect. Now my kids wanted to design their own minifigures even more desperately than I.

This is what they came up with.

LEGO Minifigure template 1

LEGO Minifigure template 2

A few weeks later

It took quite a while (thanks to Brexit and customs complications) for the minifigures to arrive but they finally did and this is what they look like.

The minifigures arrived in the mail

The results are quite nice for the first try. We learnt that using bright colors yields better effects and that sharpies might be the better alternatives to crayons. So I'm pretty sure we will soon give this another try.