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Bone Conduction Headphones Revisited

April 19, 2018

Disclaimer: I am not involved with AfterShokz (the maker of these headphones) in any way, but I strongly believe in giving kudos when it's due - and I just love this product! So here we go.

Roughly two years ago I bought my first pair of bone conduction headphones and blogged about my impressions and initial experiences with those. I am not going to reiterate here what I wrote back then, but I must say that all the positive aspects completely outweigh the things I did no like initially. I probably never want to do without this kind of gadget again and here is why:

  • The added safety aspect of actually hearing your environment (cars, bikes, other runners, ...) when exercising is priceless!

  • Also just being aware of what's happening around you in general while working out and exercising is quite nice.

  • Finally, the hygiene factor is really important and often neglected! Not heaving sweaty, filthy plugs in your ears all the time is probably not the worst idea either. Just saying.

So, what's new?

Nothing really ... the main reason I am writing this follow-up post is that I really, really like bone conduction technology and it has worked incredibly well for me ... and also this happened:

AfterShokz with broken strap

Unfortunately, one of the headphone's straps broke.

Since these headphones had become an essential piece of technology for me, I had to replace them right away. Today they arrived, so no excuses for missing tomorrow morning's workout.

New AfterShokz

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So, if you like listening to music, podcasts, books, ... while exercising, I strongly suggest you give bone conduction technology a chance. Thank me later.