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Bash on Windows does not start

August 2, 2016

Today, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update got released. One feature of this update I had eagerly been waiting for is Bash for Windows – basically a Linux / Posix subsystem running on the Windows Kernel.


For this feature the developer mode needs to be activated in the settings app.

settings dev mode

Then, the “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)” has to be installed through the classic Control Panel, Turn Windows Features On or Off panel.

enable linux subsystem

After a reboot, click the Start Button, search for “bash” and run it.

run bash

What if it doesn’t work!?

If this command doesn’t do anything, try running it manually from a command prompt (cmd.exe).

legacy console settings

Most likely, you will encounter this error message.

Unsupported console settings. In order to use this feature the legacy console must be disabled.

The error message is very accurate: legacy console settings are the problem.

Right click the Command Prompt window’s title bar and choose Properties. In the properties dialog, uncheck the Use legacy console (requires relaunch) checkbox.

legacy console settings 2

On the next try, the download and setup of bash on Windows will run smoothly.

install bash

Ready to go!

run ubuntu

That’s it, you are ready to go. Knock yourself out and apt-get some stuff or simply browse the file system. It’s mindblowing!